Strong's Greek Lexicon Search Results

Strong's Greek Lexicon Search Results

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557. apelegmos ap-el-eg-mos' from a compound of 575 and 1651; refutation, i.e. (by implication) contempt:--nought.

1246. diakatelegchomai dee-ak-at-el-eng'-khom-ahee middle voice from 1223 and a compound of 2596 and 1651; to prove downright, i.e. confute:--convince.
1649. elegxis el'-eng-xis from 1651; refutation, i.e. reproof:--rebuke.
1650. elegchos el'-eng-khos from 1651; proof, conviction:--evidence, reproof.
1651. elegcho el-eng'-kho of uncertain affinity; to confute, admonish:--convict, convince, tell a fault, rebuke, reprove.
1827. exelegcho ex-el-eng'-kho from 1537 and 1651; to convict fully, i.e. (by implication) to punish:--convince.

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