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Jayna Dinnyes
posted 08-31-2000 16:35 CT    Delete This Entry
Dear Ones - you who are still in unsaved Judah, Mystery Babylon (Christianity), other pagan religions, or not believing at all - Choose now to come out of idolatry. Believe on YAHSHUA the Son of YAHWEH
Alice Jones-Banks
Email: abanks@bekins.com
posted 08-30-2000 15:22 CT    Delete This Entry
I did not have time to read all that was presented to me, but there were a few items that hit my eye that i know myself to be true. find the nearest Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research founded by Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley & attend regularly or call a school to find out what your alternatives are to learn & prepare yourself for the real reality we live & breath.
Robert H. Bryant
Email: bryantfarmboy@aol.com
posted 08-29-2000 21:48 CT    Delete This Entry
Thank you for being here
address is
3746 A Garfield Ave
Pennsauken NJ 08105
Jonathan Burdette
Email: caed@home.com
Location (City,State,Country) and/or
Website UR:

posted 08-29-2000 14:59 CT    Delete This Entry
Hey, you can get Bible Studies/Devotionals in your email every week! Go to http://www.online-zines.com to sign up.
Orlando J(Yacob) Smith
Email: Fks6@aol.com
posted 08-28-2000 00:41 CT    Delete This Entry
Richard and Teshuah leaving in the morning
Yochanan Mascaro
Email: JohnMascaro@excite.com
posted 08-27-2000 22:26 CT    Delete This Entry
My dear brother Asa Wood:

I have seen your postings also in other email lists and can certainly understand where you are coming from in terms of Torah (the Law/instruction), for I was once there myself. But please see that what was nailed to the staorus (stake, tree) were the "ordinances (or traditions) of men" orally imposed (and then written down as Talmudic doctrine) by rabbinical Judaism. This was contrary to "Yahwism". Once one understands the difference between the two one will more clearly see the reasons why Yahshua HaMashiach agreed with certain teachings and actions of the Pharisees and yet not with others. The ones with which He agreed had their basis in the written Torah (after all that is Yahshua Himself) and the ones with which He did not agree were "commandments of men" that created the "enmity" spoken of in Galatians 2:15 that Yahshua came to destroy. The "enmity" was the sinfulness and doctrines/commandments of men such as the exclusion of gentiles from the inner temple grounds (by segregation through The Court of the Gentiles) which goes against Torah as it has always accepted the proselyte who sojourns, is circumcised and eats of the pesach; among a host of other man-made commandments like the shabbat related no-work ordinances (not picking food from a field on shabbat) when all along Torah never forbade such actions so long as it was for your own immediate consumption and not for storing for later, etc etc etc. Rav Shaul (Paul) a Pharisee amongpharisees by his own admission, defends Torah vehemently in numerous scriptures as you surely know; but go no farther than Yahshua Himself who in Matt 5 says that He did not come to abolish Torah and the N'Viim (Law and the Prophets) but to fulfill them. By fulfill, this is a Hebraic expression common among the rabbis meaning to bring out the full meaning of the scripture passage (i.e., to bring it to its full measure of comprehension) as Yahshua did through His own life by honoring Torah. For Yahshua is sinless and sin is the transgression of Torah so it naturally follows that Yahshua honored and obeyed that which He Himself was never guilty of dishonoring. So why do most "Christians" dishonor Torah? There is no such thing as Law vs. Grace. Yaheh's grace abounds from the beginning. The Law was given to a saved assembly of Yisraelites on Mt. Sinai to an already redeemed people!! After they were redeemed from bondage. Thus, it was by grace that they were saved and not by works lest they should boast in Torah observance for their salvation. Yet, Torah was given for the Yisraelites to walk as Yahweh wanted them to walk for their own good. Until Yahshua came, however, we did not know how that walk was to look but He showed us by walking the Torah walk!! He did not nail it to some old tree on calvary that the pagan Romans put up to add insult to injury to the Son of YAH. Further, why is it that the modern church is quick to accept the everlasting validity of the prophets and yet not so willing to do same viz a viz the Torah. Back to Matt 5:17-19, remember that Yahshua said He did not come to abolish the Torah OR the prophets and that whosoever teches men Torah shal be called great in the kingdom of heaven (Yahweh). And in Matt 22:40 He says that loving Yah with all heart being and strength and neghbor as thyself are the two "weightiest" commandments but that on these hang all of the Torah AND the prophets. Always referencing both Torah and the Prophets. By hang it does not been destroyed. You don't hang something from something that cannot hold it up thus the object from which it is hung is by definition strong enough to hold up all that will be hung from it. Yet why does the church pick and choose depending upon what is convenient for it to demonstrate?! Please, Asa may the Ruach HaKodesh lead you closer to this truth as it has many.

Shalom Aleichem

Yochanan M.

Donald Hansen
Email: hansen_donald@hotmail.com
posted 08-27-2000 21:28 CT    Delete This Entry
I like what I find here & I have tried to download some of your software with out any luck God Bless your efforts Don.
Willis J Sheeder
Email: Willis@penn.com
posted 08-26-2000 10:52 CT    Delete This Entry
Isn't free speach wonderful. it gives both the leaned and unlearned an opportunity to speak about their views. I notice alot of viewers that leave their opinions on this list are still on the milk of truth and some haven't even got the milk but are still in the water of deception. Until one recognizes the true Names of Yahweh and Yahshua they are not sealed by these names, thus they are not under the saving blood of Yahshua. Yahshua said: "I am the Way, the life, and the Truth. No man comes to the Father but by Me (this truth). In order to consider one to be an elder in "The Way" they need to first recognize this truth of the Sacred Names, because this is the seal you are sealed with until the day of redemption. thus without the testimony of Yahshua, which is the spirit of Prophesy, you are none of His (Yahweh's). An elder will never fall back into false teachings but will go on into perfection. enduring unto the end. Those who are so childish as to refer to Yahweh as G-d and Yahshua as (hey-zeus) jesus. are indeed still on milk if even saved at all. We are to come out of her my people, and partake not of her sins, so that we receive not of her plagues. Her is Mystery babylon the great (christendom) the mother harlot is Catholic and the daughters is protestant churches. this knowledge is elementary to the true believers in Yahwehs salvation Yahshua the messiah. Unity will come when all the true believers who are steadfast in learning the truth and obeying it are filled with the Holy Spirit (comforter) in the later rain for the ministry of the two witnesses who are repentant Israyl and repentant Yahdah (jews).
then the great army of Yah will arise and conquer the false religions (rhea-legions)of the world. based in the Greek philosophy. when Zion (the true believers in Messiah Yahshua) come against Greece (the believers in the Gods and lords zeus and Heyzeus (jesus) and prevail and along with Yahshua rule with a rod of iron. and then the Feast of Tabernacles will be kept
the Sabbath 7th day will be kept and all the laws of Yahweh will be kept. then peace will reign on all the earth. All deceived people who no not the truth and have no love for the real truth will be stubble under the soles of the disciples of Yahshua. In Yahweh.
Love to all the brothers and sisters in Yahshua and all those who do not follow our savior and King Yahshua and teach not this doctrine of truth, let them be accursed.
My testimony in Yahshua.


Email: epiphanystudent@hotmail.com
posted 08-24-2000 02:30 CT    Delete This Entry
I notice that you keep posting the same article on religious discussion boards re why Jews do not accept the new testament.
It would be nice and also the Christian thing to do to reply to those individuals that answer your posting.
Because you do not answer your posting, everytime you post this on the board I am responsible for, I will have no option but to remove it.
Email: epiphnystudent@hotmail.com
posted 08-24-2000 02:28 CT    Delete This Entry
I notice that you keep posting the same article on religious discussion boards re why Jews do not accept the new testament.
It would be nice and also the Christian thing to do to reply to those individuals that answer your posting.
Because you do not answer your posting, everytime you post this on the board I am responsible for, I will have no option but to remove it.
Cynthia L. Phelps
Email: shen3ah@bellsouth.net
posted 08-22-2000 12:25 CT    Delete This Entry
I really like this web sight. i am studying as much about Israel historyas I can. I have found that the Bible makes a lot more sense since I discovered the truth about a lot of things. I pray God give you the grace to keep up the good work. YHWH bless you Thanks cynthia
Email: willis@penn.com
posted 08-21-2000 22:35 CT    Delete This Entry
Praise Yahshua for this very informative site.
I enjoy the information therein.
a special note to those dear believers in our Heavenly Father. There is only one God spoken of in scripture and that is the God of this world (Satan).
I feel it is profane to call the almighty creator
by a created name that the father of lies instituted for his glory.
Also remember that the heavenly created beings that did not rebel against Yahweh in the revolt hasatan led are called Malakim. the fallen malakim are now called Angels. If we learn the Truth and follow it we will not be speaking lies out of our mouth unknowingly. let us go on into perfection as our Father in Heaven is perfect (complete).
May Yahweh bless through his only Son the Messiah
Email: emilyc@eecs.berkeley.edu
posted 08-19-2000 19:57 CT    Delete This Entry
...So much arguing here between peoples' ideas. It's as if the right hand is arguing with the left hand about who is most useful. What people are not seeing here is that the Law teaches Justice and the Christ teaches Mercy, which is a form of Fairness. Together, these form the warp and woof of cooperation. Torn apart we can observe separatism and sectarianism at work, promoting neither Love nor Law, but only self-righteousness.
Jayna Dinnyes
posted 08-18-2000 15:31 CT    Delete This Entry
Thank you for providing space for my testimony. Choose to serve Yahweh and Yahshua. You, too, will be blessed! Ask us how: John and Jayna Dinnyes The Faith of Yahshua P.O. Box 9932 Fountain Valley, CA 92728
Email: Luvlylavnder@hotmail.com
posted 08-18-2000 05:32 CT    Delete This Entry
Thanks for a wonderful site......Keep sharing the faith... ) God Bless
Yochanan Mascaro
Email: JohnMascaro@excite.com
posted 08-09-2000 15:13 CT    Delete This Entry
To my brother, "a servant ofChrist Jesus:

100 drink, or regarding a festival or a new moon or sabbaths, 17 which are a shadow of things to come, but the body of the Messiah.

The above pasage says percisely the opposite from what you have stated.The judgement in(ce 62) was not being levied against those who kept a kosher table,festivals, new moons and sabbaths.The judgement was on those who did not keep these (Older Testament.) laws, which were only just a shadow of the then coming Messiah. What interest is there in the shadow after the substance appears. YAHWEH-SAVES! We are no longer lost in the shadow of death .HALLALUYAH!There are a few verses that Yahweh has shown me,that go really swell with Col.2:16 .They are found in Col.2:1 through 2:15 inclusive,and then start up again with ver.2:17 and go right through to the end of theScripture,but for the time-space relativity 13-b saids having forgiven you all trespasses;Text: from 3895; a side-slip (lapse or deviation), i.e. (unintentional) error or (wilful) transgression: --fall, fault, offence, sin, trespass. 14. Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his stauros
There is only one handwriting that taken out of the way could blot out all our sins.EX.31:18 .You may shout,and even powned the desktop,but anser this. What other handwriting is so important that being nullifide could blot out all sin?think about it.ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Lsin;And who's hands are stong enough to remove the spiritual law,written by Yahweh's finger ? Yahweh Himself.(Yah-Saves)!Hallalu-Yah
20. Wherefore if ye be dead with Yahshua from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances,
21. (Touch not; taste not; handle not;
22. Which all are to perish with the using after the commandments and doctrines of men?
23. Which things have indeed a shew of wisdom in will worship, and humility, and neglecting of the body; not in any honour to the satisfying of the flesh Paul taught the disciples not to let anyone judge them for observing the Law ?

a servant of Christ Jesus
posted 08-08-2000 18:32 CT    Delete This Entry
Please do not get caught up the the name of God, but dive into the pool of complete obedience. We must live a crucified life, sacrificing our will each moment so God's will can go forth. Understand that the truth is (pray over these words and ask God if it is from Him) is that we are to live in perfect obedience (Matthew 5:48). That we must only do God's will and a by product of that is living a sinless life. Because God is manifested in me, I walk in the Spirit and it teaches me. Understand that you MUST have this truth on your web page, or else you will be held accountable for many souls.

God Bless,

Ernest Smit
Email: ernestsmit@aol.com
posted 08-08-2000 08:52 CT    Delete This Entry
The first duty of love,is to listen.
Charles and Marilyn Burgess
Email: cmburg@juno.com
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posted 08-08-2000 02:48 CT    Delete This Entry
Nice website. Thank you for coming to the old homestead and leaving your mark.Everyone is welcome. We are in our 60's, so a little slow at getting our website done. Drop by often and don't give up on us. God bless. In Christ; Marilyn and Charles
Email: Leppy_chaun@hotmail.com
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posted 08-05-2000 15:59 CT    Delete This Entry
This was a very interesting site. It was very organized and I really enjoyed reading all the information you had. Keep up the good work!
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