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Robert T
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Boyd, TX.

posted 04-20-2005 16:03 CT    Delete This Entry
I am new to this site. I am finding a lot of good study material. I also plan to join-up on the Sabbath chat. Keep up the good work.
Walt Dailey
Email: zenshu1@intergate.com
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Morgantown,Pa., U.S.A.

posted 04-18-2005 18:42 CT    Delete This Entry
I am brand new to this.
Patrick Geaney
Email: patricksgeaney@hotmail.com
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posted 04-10-2005 10:27 CT    Delete This Entry
It has been pointed out to me that in one of your your web site documents you seek to show that the blessed name YHVH refers to more than ONE Being in Isaiah 44:6. May I, in love, point out that you are teaching grave error. The Blessed words "I am..." (Isaiah 44:6) confirms that ONLY One Being; YHVH Elohiym of Yisrael; is being referred to and NOT TWO as you seek to show.

Patrick Geaney

Allan Svensson
Email: allan-sv@algonet.se
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posted 04-09-2005 02:34 CT    Delete This Entry
You have a great and informative Site, and I wish you God's peace and blessing through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site.
Pamboitiz Besa
Email: pamboitiz_besa@yahoo.com
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posted 04-07-2005 06:19 CT    Delete This Entry
It is my prayer Yahweh Elohim uses someone to provide us Restored name KJV.Pamboitiz_besa@yahoo.com/Pamboitiz Besa P.O.Box 62,Surigao City,Philippines 8400
lara corleto
Email: filipinopride@myway.com
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virginia beach, VA 23452

posted 04-06-2005 11:17 CT    Delete This Entry
wow, i'm so glad to see another name believer!! this is so exiting. i thought my assembly were the only name believers and Yahweh fearing in the world. Yah bless you always!
Email: Aussie7@att.net
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posted 04-03-2005 04:37 CT    Delete This Entry
I have just found your site. Was looking for info to pass on to people in my (United Methodist) church as to why we shouldn't celebrate Christmas or Easter, and especially Halloween. While I haven't investigated your whole site, I think you should know that while I agree with you about our Saviours name, you have overlooked the fact that it is the Hebrew translation that you refer to. Jesus is the english translation and means the same thing, so it is not wrong to call him Jesus. Besides, he has many names: Prince of Peace, Counselor, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Immanuel, Jehovah Jirah, etc. Let's not get too picky, ok? It's not good to be legalistic!
Email: khkilgus59@msn.com
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Salem Oregon

posted 04-02-2005 13:40 CT    Delete This Entry
Great site. always looking for fellow believers to fellowship with. Also check out YeshivaHaNateev.org it's an other great site to study from.
posted 03-31-2005 15:37 CT    Delete This Entry
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posted 03-31-2005 15:34 CT    Delete This Entry
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posted 03-31-2005 15:17 CT    Delete This Entry
Thomas P. Quinn
Email: tpq05rev@netscape.com
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Hemlock NY

posted 03-30-2005 21:55 CT    Delete This Entry
I'm interested in finding a bit of "fellowship" in the western NY area.
Bettina Lewis
Email: peechees27@yahoo.com
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Dayton, Ohio 45426

posted 03-28-2005 15:39 CT    Delete This Entry
I was online trying to find an Assembly of Yahweh in my area. If someone knows of one,feel free to email me..thanks
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posted 03-26-2005 10:55 CT    Delete This Entry
Greetings from Malaga (Spain). Antonio :-)
Registered Nurse - Psyc
posted 03-25-2005 16:48 CT    Delete This Entry
Under a family heading I saw "The Holocaust" You should be ashamed- using the pain & suffering of my heritage to serve YOUR pro-life agenda. Sacrilege and tasteless! I notice you mention that so many (not all) unwanted babes would be given homes. Have you seen a baby in writhing agony from fetal alcohol syndrome or withdrawal from multiple drugs; heroin, cocaine...???? It is NOT pretty, under-weight and premature their bodies struggle to live with unGodly MECHANICAL supports, tube feedings, etc. - Screaming like cats being murdered - it goes on for months, they cry -in pain you can't begin to imagine. There is nothing you can do to console them. Seldom do they "get over" the poor start in life - effects are life long, enduring attacks on the way they look and behave. Most remain unemployed and resort to working the streets or dealing drugs to support habits that started in the womb. How many of these sad cases can I send to you for your comfort, nurturing and life long support? I can't believe the webmaster allowed you to behave so disgracefully.
Location (City,State,Country) and/or
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www.flamesoflight.net South Africa

posted 03-25-2005 15:40 CT    Delete This Entry
I like your attitude man!!! ----- searching for the truth is always the best way ahead. May Mother.Father God lead you towards the light!!!!
lance dreher
Email: doctorfitness@msn.com
posted 03-24-2005 16:51 CT    Delete This Entry
Thank you for your enlightment. With salvation come a price. One can not truly be saved unless they repent, offer forgiveness and do good works. This is what Christ asked of us. Many believe that just by accepting Christ as the savior, it stops there. I say accepting Christ it only begins there.
Joshua Elijah Parker
posted 03-23-2005 21:26 CT    Delete This Entry
Great Site, have you seen www.Yahwehsnewkingdom.com and read the free book?
Email: bfmike1@yahoo.com
posted 03-22-2005 18:46 CT    Delete This Entry
thanks for your great site, God is using greatly, i wish to state my intrest in marrying a christian sister, from any part of the world.

thank you..

Eric Baroy Mahinay
Email: simply_eric2@hotmail.com
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posted 03-15-2005 21:04 CT    Delete This Entry
this is exactly proclaiming of Christ divinity.
Love your site and loves to comeback.
God Bless
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