Yahweh's Calendar - 2015

There is much discussion as to the correct timing of the feast days and new moons. It is important that we keep His holy days the best that we know to keep them. I understand Yahweh's calendar to be agriculturally and visually based. For more information, see the study on Yahweh's calendar by clicking here.

Sometimes I do not post the feast days one year in advance because most of the time we don't know when the feast days will fall until the moon and/or the barley is visibly seen. I post the dates when I know for sure which days they will fall on. I wouldn't want someone keeping the wrong day because I failed in a prediction.  

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(Note: Yahweh considers a day to begin at evening, therefore the new moons will be seen on the previous night and the Sabbaths also begin on the previous night. Also, the dates of the new moons are not necessarily 100% accurate until confirmed visually. These were calculated according to the visual sightings in the Missouri, USA. Days may differ in your area)

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