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Welcome - 07/10/10 04:03 PM

I hope that we can all come together and discuss the ways in which we can build up and edify the body of Messiah, share what ministries you feel that Yahweh has called you to (and no, it doesn't have to be an "online ministry"), share your testimonies of what's working, ask others for counsel and advice on what ways to go about building up the body of Messiah. Let's talk together, work together and do our part in fulfilling our gifts and callings that Yahweh has given.

There are many needs in the body of Messiah and in the world today.

Here are some examples:

* Many are persuaded that evolution explains man's origins. How can we counter the religion of secularism/humanism?

* How can we reach those who are in desperate need like the homeless, those who are in prison, those who are sick and in need of healing?

* There is a real problem with newcomers feeling alone and needing someone to disciple them personally. It would be great if there was a group of brothers and sisters who have been in the faith for a while to come alongside a newcomer and help them with their questions, their concerns, and warn them about potential pitfalls. Personal discipleship is something I see a need for every day.

* There are a lot of people who see the commandment for us to wear tsit tsiyot (tassels) but don't know how to make them or are unable to do it. An army of volunteers making free tassels to those who need them would be a great asset to the body of Messiah. And I believe it would result in awesome spiritual treasures in the age to come because you are helping others keep the commands of Yahweh.

* One of the biggest assaults the enemy is working on to destroy lives is the assault on our families. We need elders who have good marriages and a heritage of sons and daughters who remained in the faith to counsel young and/or struggling families. Marriage counseling and parental counseling is a huge need! We desperately need the steady guidance of qualified elders today.

* On this site, I see the chat room as being a little building on a busy street corner that people enter to see what Yahweh's people are like and to seek answers to questions. More often than I would like, some enter there and see debates/strife or are ignored.

* Alms giving is often a neglected area of ministry in the body of Messiah today, yet it was very common in the first century assembly. There are many poor in the world today, why not lend a helping hand? I have an alms fund at http://www.eliyah.com/alms.html for believers. I think more needs to be done for people in 3rd world countries as well as believers who are in need.

* We need missionaries who are willing to live in another country and proclaim the way of Yahweh. Kenya is a country that frequently comes up as an area of the world that is hungry for Yahweh's truth. I even got a request yesterday for someone to teach the people in Belize. Any volunteers?

This is just a small sample of the things that are out there. I'll post more sometime later but I am hoping that others will think of some things as well. Please don't be shy, we are all in this together and I want this to be a place where we can love and support each other's efforts.

With the help of Yahweh, let's take dominion over the earth for Him, and build the Kingdom!


The favor of our Master Yahushua be with you all!

Posted by: Obadyah83

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 08:14 PM

These are all good points and I pray that all the children of YHUH can find His will for their lives and be a part of this process!

Shabbat Shalom,

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Count on us to contribute to Kingdom Building efforts in service to families with young children. Recognizing that the unique educational needs of our little ones and school-aged children who desire to serve YAHWEH are very great, we can assist with homeschooling K-12 in several content areas, i.e., history, science, English, music, art, and creative writing, to name a few. (Since education is our regular work, we prefer to discuss specific details on a day other than Shabbat.)

Also, we can serve as teachers and consultants to those who wish to improve written and oral communication skills in preparation for the spiritual edification of the brethren.

Doug and Donna Looper
Posted by: NatsarimofYah

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 08:34 PM

If you are still looking for people to make tzitziyot, then look no further. My wife is currently obsessed with making them. Just tell me how many you are looking for and where they might be sent.
Posted by: NatsarimofYah

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 08:37 PM

My wife and I are curious what part of NC y'all are from... we are out in Western parts...
Posted by: Felix & Bertha

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 08:43 PM

:)We are with you Eliyah. Thank YAH for his goodness
Posted by: Bro-Y

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 08:45 PM

I am in smile HalleluYah!!!
Posted by: Sis_Tahar

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 08:47 PM

HalleluYah, in also! Praise Yahweh!
Posted by: LOOPERS-NC

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 08:55 PM

We are near Cherokee, NC.
Posted by: Judy4Yah

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 09:01 PM

Praise Yahweh! I'm in too. I would also like to volunteer to make tassels. Are we still sending them to you? I'm also in need of women who are strong in Yahweh to help me become a better women in Yahweh. Blessings to all!
Posted by: MarkUW

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 09:18 PM

i am in need of discipled and disciplined
Posted by: MarkUW

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 09:20 PM

Originally Posted By: MarkUW
i am in need of discipled and disciplined
i am with you Brother ....i have some gifts but need to know how to utilize them...Bless you Tom and your family....SHALOM
Posted by: Glenn and Jenn

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 09:27 PM

Shalom, My wife and I are in complete agreement with every thing you have been teaching. Thank you for your faithfulness to do as Yah has called you, you have been a real encouragement to us and your messages have been conformation to many of our prayers. Thank you, Shalom and Yah Bless!
Posted by: pvlsr

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 09:34 PM

Shalom EliYAH, paul here, had to use a different log in name. You know that I am with you on this achi. 5 years ago I prayed to my Heavenly Father that I did not want to be a soldier in man's army any more, that I wanted to be a soldier in His army, a warrior for Him. Listening to your broadcast especially the last 3 and with what we talked about when you visited down here I know that Yahweh is gathering His children for what is to come. We are indeed one Body, one Accord with the Messiah. As Yahshua came not to be served but to serve, I too am here to serve. HALLELUYAH!!!!!
Posted by: cynthiYah

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 09:38 PM


Thank You for the inspired messages... I can feel the spirit of Yahweh moving in and through them. I feel impressed to reach our to The Elderly Widows and Prisoners.. I know of 1 prisoner who loves Yahweh and 1 Ederly(widow) Man (90) . The Prisoners Name is Roy Warren #1509431 and he is in need of some Love from Yahweh.... Your Messages would be such a blessing... I would love to get copies of them and start mailing them to him. If anyone could help me with this, I do not have a printer.... or even an encouraging word from the brotheren smile here's his address

Roy Curtis Warren # 1509431
815 12th Street
Huntsville, Tx. 77348
(Huntsville Unit)

Thank You ,and I am in it ,to win it. (souls for Yahweh that is)

Posted by: William Hood

Re: Welcome - 07/10/10 11:40 PM

Thanks Tom for all you and your family do. Praise Yahweh!

I have always been grateful, thankful to YHWH for your guidance to the discovery of the truth of the Scriptures.

A nominal Christian who is really searching for the truth cannot help but be arrested by a visit to your website as I was. It is quite a relief to unravel the confusion the scriptures present to a newbee.

Sheila and I have been engaged in spreading The Word in the Philippines [Negros island] for 5 years. We will continue, but now we will concentrate our efforts locally here in; Penticton, BC Canada, where there are so few poor in riches, yet many poor in the knowledge of the truth.

I really like your video format; can't wait to have a DVD of the songs with lyrics and the video images Kolayah has produced; the ones we hear at the beginning of your Sabbath meetings. I am sure the publishing of DVDs will become a valuable addition to Kingdom Building.

WillseeYah smile
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Re: Welcome - 07/11/10 12:19 AM

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Re: Welcome - 07/11/10 04:55 AM

Thanks everyone for your support and for your efforts to serve the body of Messiah.

For those of you who have decided to pursue a specific area of ministry, please make a separate post with the title of the work you are being called to do in the subject line. Then others who want to be a part of it or who would have need of your service to the body would be able to converse with you on that thread. You are free to post any website information or other contact information as well.

I'm praying that this will snowball and we'll have a large number of ministries listed here covering the fullness of Yahweh's gifts and callings.

Posted by: BalibamYahu

Re: Welcome - 07/11/10 05:14 AM

I too am down for the cause brother. My ministry has been through music to the youth. But my outreach is to anyone willing to listen and i look forward to integrating with other ministries in the body. Blessings and Shalom to all the brethren on this forum.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Welcome - 07/15/10 02:05 AM

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Re: Welcome - 07/16/10 10:54 AM

John 13:35
"By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Just joined the forum - but have been on line for several months. Had the privilege of witnessing with EliYah & family a couple weeks ago here in Miami Beach. It was a moving experience. Copied his business card and made tzitzits - that had been on my mind for some time. Don't know if I did it right, but no complaints. My background is JW - but I was baptized by their predecessors a few years ago - which I believe valid -(according to Matt 28:19). At any rate if I can be of any assistance in that regard - I'd be pleased -

Shabbat Shalom,blush


Posted by: ziporah3

Re: Welcome - 07/17/10 06:05 AM

I praise YHWH for the things I see here. It is time for us to stand up and do the things we know that we are suppose to do for Yah. Time is short!! HALLELUYAH smile
Posted by: Sojourners

Re: Welcome - 07/20/10 08:17 PM

Welcome back Achi! smile

Thanking YHWH for this place, good to see the forum open again. May all be done here to the glory and honor of YHWH and may all who come see Yahushua in us, HE the head, we the body. One in YHWH.

blessings and love to all,
Posted by: AbrahamIC

Re: Welcome - 11/06/10 07:04 AM

Shalom Shabath EliYAH + also Sojourner!

Yes, it is good to see you back in operation EliYAH. I hope that the spirit of peace and goodwill will prevail, for you have no obligation or reason to accommodate the lower natures of Adumkind, as sadly happened last time.

I wonder why my posting on the 30/10/10 "The Mystery of YHWH Unveiled" has been removed from "Kingdom Building," and is seemingly only available by clicking on 'Newest Members' AbrahamIC > Profile > my stuff > posts. The article appears there, + is listed as being in the "Scripture Discussion Forum." If I click that, it says "Access Denied."

Am I the only one stuck in this closet? And if so, WHY?
Perhaps I've misjudged the way to find my posting?
Please explain?

Good to "see" you again "sojourner." If you'd like to contact me, I'm at lukejohn461@yahoo.co.nz. I would love to share with you some really wonderful things I have found in the scriptures.

YAHusho's wisdom + understanding be with you, Abraham Cox NZ.
Posted by: ElElyown

Re: Welcome - 12/05/10 12:09 AM

Is it possible to get a couple sets of tassels made? Thanks!

Posted by: rainbow

Re: Welcome - 12/08/10 05:31 AM

Hello. I just learned how to make them yesterday, I would be glad to make you a couple sets, where would I send them when finished? I'd be glad to help!!
Posted by: 7Heaven

Re: Welcome (Yahuwah & Yahushua Love) - 01/21/11 11:48 AM

Hello,children Yahuwah ... Im new aboard and still trying to find my way ....
Posted by: aleph-tav man

Re: Welcome - 01/27/12 10:04 PM

all you have stated is accurate thank you for helping to open the eyes to the power of calling upon the name of YAHSHUAH MESSIAH
Posted by: bdc

Re: Welcome - 03/28/12 11:37 PM


Please let me know the cost of 4 with the blue woven in. If that is OK, I will email you my address.

My email address is STEVEGNGR715@AOL.COM

Thanks be to Father!

Steve G
Posted by: hollysurly

Re: Welcome - 07/11/12 12:20 PM

Hello everyone,

I am the newest member here and just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.
Posted by: Yochy

Re: Welcome - 08/28/12 08:56 PM

Hi To all, MaNishmah, Hope to have some great chats smile
My name is John, I am from the UK, well one of us has to support the truth on this side of the pond smile
Shalom x