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#115456 - 12/13/16 11:19 AM First post: what I've got for a vision :)
Glenn and Jenn Offline
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Loc: Oklahoma :)
Shalom all- whether you're reading this sooner or later, all are welcome to join in the fun smile I'm currently a member of another very active forum, but the trouble there is, the people are not all believers. While this is all great and testimony of how Yahweh is being used in my life, I'm struggling with some areas as far as wisdom FROM believers. I can't just go out and ask them questions, or else I'll receive some worldly answers! And thankfully, that forum is centered around a specific topic so I've been able to hold my own in answering other people's questions, with a righteous (biblical) twist! smile
my hope here is to get other believers interested in forming fellowship/relationships (not carnal) so we can work out things together.
also, the main reason I'm hoping to be here is because of our family not participating EVER in Face book. It seems like the face book crowd gets all the attention, and there are not many, if any, other outlets for online fellowship.
More than anything, I'm just going to be the real me... It's sort of impossible to be anything else.
So, we'll see how this goes, If I find myself treading into hot water, well, I'll just have to learn smile
Next step: I'm going to start a general topic thread, and also my own 'journey' thread. If anyone wants to do the same, welcome!! smile
May Yahweh Bless you and keep you, Shalom,
Jenn Robin smile

#115460 - 12/18/16 02:25 PM Re: First post: what I've got for a vision :) [Re: Glenn and Jenn]
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Shalom Glenn & Jenn,

I Share your desire for more fellowship outlets and like you I avoid using facebook as the primary face to fellowship. I only used it in the past for promoting a website and that's it - but now I don't use it at all. We do need more fellowship outlets for like-minded believers and it's good to see you all on here. YHWH bless you and keep you!

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#115470 - 07/31/17 01:17 PM 2nd Post: what we've been delivered from [Re: Glenn and Jenn]
Glenn and Jenn Offline
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Registered: 07/10/10
Posts: 6
Loc: Oklahoma :)
Second Post: Whew, I guess I didn't stick with it very long, although my intentions were noble. smile

Basically, we are a large family of 8 people (so far!) living in North Eastern Oklahoma. Our life changes so much from month to month that it's crazy to reflect upon! Only that Yahweh has been in control, and He gives mercy to us all smile HalleluYah!!

{Disclaimer, talking about finances, so if you read this on Shabbat, I won't be held responsible, I wrote it on 2nd day of a week}

The number one area we have received deliverance in was personal finances. Of course there's all kinds of information out there, from big name people like Dave Ramsey, and the like, But not every person's life can fit into their generic help molds. Our family certainly did NOT fit into any of Dave's templates, with the only advice he'd give us would be to start investing (money we don't even have yet!) or get a 'bigger shovel'. Which, being a Sabbath Keeper, and his advice to start doing nights and weekends and extra hours and side jobs just doesn't fit with our convictions. He would probably tell us that we really don't want to get ahead in life if we're not willing to give all to get all. Thanks, but no thanks.

So, what did end up happening? How could we make sense out of the mess we were in? Literally living paycheck to paycheck, and sometimes needing 4 paychecks to dig out of the hole we dug negatively in the bank. It certainly wasn't getting a higher paying job that helped. As of right now, (7/31/17) we're living off of $1200 per month, and we've lived off of much less. I used to think that the only reason we were broke all the time was because of the size of our income compared to the size of our family, that if we could just get more per month, we'd start to stay afloat and get stable. Or if someone would just miraculously give us a windfall we'd get ahead! (notice, it was always "if only" and "something else or someone else")

For comparison, in 2010, we lived off of a donation from someone of $100 per week, and we had meals at a relative's house with a bed to sleep on, with 2 children. Basically four people living displaced-homeless in someone else's home with them giving us money to live on. That's not a solution, that's a bandaid for an artery wound.

I am writing this because I've been there. There were days we had nothing at all to eat. There were days we lived out of a van. Jobless, homeless, and no one to help. We lived with four small children in a hotel room paid for by the State for just over 6 full weeks, until our meager tax refund came back and they said we could now start paying for the room. I'm writing this because I'm someone who can sympathize, empathize, and step by step help others with what I've learned, and how Yahweh showed us to manage everything. It was not with a ton of money headed our way, I can tell you that.

Step 1, our prayer was only this: Yahweh, help us to be the Best Stewards we can be, with what you give us. The number 1 answer to that prayer was getting on a Spending Plan. I hesitate to use the word "budget" because the term is nasty in some people's minds, and the TRADITIONAL WAY TO BUDGET doesn't always work. You have to make a lot more money percentage-wise than your expenses to traditionally budget. The method of spending plan we currently use can work with ANY income amount, there's no limit, as long as you are getting money in, you can do it.

Step number 2: we stopped stressing out about money. This is HUGE! I can't even express with words how much freedom and wisdom came from this Plan of Action. Are we currently wealthy? Only in Yahweh's definition smile We started being able to "afford" things when it was all put into perspective like it was. One "win" leads to another "win". Our attitude changed. Back in 2015 was the first time we were able to give tithes again after our downfall of 2009.

Step number 3. I only want to help other people. The more people get free, the more they can witness and testify to others that Yahweh is really in this, that it's not some kind of hoax, or get-rich scheme. I'm literally making no money off helping anyone. In fact, if anyone did want to give me something for it, I'd probably put it right back into Yahweh's kingdom by helping another person out. I very much get that this is a "taboo" subject. No one wants to talk about money because money is soooo EEEvil..... I used to cringe whenever I heard that someone would be able to give us "financial advice" because it was all the same. Increase income and cut expenses. Nothing practical. Nothing that fit our family. Nothing that I could see was Yahweh's Clear Open Door. Nothing that would be by HIS Hand only, and it was by His power and might we were set free: therefore all glory given to Yahweh for His gift to us.

If you are interested at all, or desperate enough to give anything a chance, please, please, please email me messianicadventureny at (at sign is @) no spaces or capital letters. or call me, there are so many people who can give my number to you, I'm sure @helper will help me out with that. smile


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#115472 - 08/04/17 03:43 PM Re: 2nd Post: what we've been delivered from [Re: Glenn and Jenn]
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WOW Glenn & Jenn... I had no idea you went through so much!

Praise Yah that things are going better for you!
You can contact me through the Chat room at

Fellow servant of Messiah,



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