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#112578 - 11/14/10 10:09 AM The Frustration of it all....
Tamar Deburg Offline
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Years ago I participated on this husband asked me to leave....He did NOT like the infiltration of people that would come on to trample the Name of trample righteousness....They were not coming here to learn...but to destroy....and then...There were those that were Truly trying to sort the truth from the lies...Well....most have gone their own way...The FAITH that Eliyah has had to begin ONCE have a Place where people can freely express thoughts...SEARCH for Truth Should NOT be taken for granted...We should All cherish the moment...There May come a time WHEN we Will not have access to Reach out to each other on the Internet....You think YOU are lonely now???? You think there are So few that THINK like you....believe like you? Well, I will have to say...there are FEW....and fewer IF you do not REACH out to the body...It pleases Yahweh WHEN we all come give HIM the glory...HalleluYah!!!!

#112728 - 02/01/11 08:58 PM Re: The Frustration of it all.... [Re: Tamar Deburg]
moonshadow59 Offline
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Hello my sister; smile
I know your pain and can hear it in your letter. I have been in the same straits and found that when confronted with non-believers, those who would rather argue a point or condemn a person, well, I just delete them. It is not worth my time or allowing the spirit of wickedness a place in my heart by retaliating. I tell them I will pray for them, I do too. But I block the person, for if I give place to satans demons, I am opening the door and allowing my spirit to have this unrest take away my peace that Yahuah has given to me. Amein. I will keep you in my prayers. We are Yahushua's children, our Father gave us to Him and we are blessed beyond measure. Peace my sister, I am the only sabbath keeper in my agency of 300 souls and they know who I am. But you know something, my Father remembered my name, Amein.

#112733 - 02/03/11 09:12 AM Re: The Frustration of it all.... [Re: Tamar Deburg]
yonah1 Offline
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Originally Posted By: Tamar Deburg
....They were not coming here to learn...but to destroy....and then...There were those that were Truly trying to sort the truth from the lies...Well....most have gone their own way......HalleluYah!!!!

The adversary is a destroyer...his time is short and his minions are everywhere seeking to destroy "the faith that was once delivered to the Saints."

I have encountered intense opposition to what I know to be the truth. But sorting out the lies is not an easy road as the road is narrow where one encounters not only the willfully ignorant but the multitudes who are only concerned with their traditions rather than what YHVH instructed and Yasha taught. What I find remarkable is the "replacement theology" practiced by Jews and x-tians alike and even some Hebraic/messianic types who think that the promises made to Israel apply only to them and the curses to everybody else. Ditto Muslims. Among Jews who think Moses was Jewish - when in fact he was a Hebrew Levite - and Judaism didn't commence until several hundred years at a minimum later - but they think that Jews and their traditions as practiced by rabbinic/phariseeism that excludes all others is the way. They're no different than x-tians. I've come to the point of being glad to not having any label attached to my theology - for as Eliyah said once - "It's a little like Messianic." It seems safer to define myself more in terms of a Hebraic/Messianic/Karatitic/Nazirene, as there is no such group in existence that I know of...and probably a descendant of one of the Lost Tribes....HalleluYah!!!

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