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#112575 - 11/12/10 04:22 PM What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU
Tamar Deburg Offline
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I'm curious....What does coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU?

#112579 - 11/18/10 01:46 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: Tamar Deburg]
A_man_of_ELYON Offline
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What does coming out of Babylon mean?

A person begins to come out of the things that pertain to Babylon when (s)he will know what names, signs and doctrinal images, belonging to the church that has the title ‘Mother’, were mixed in the translations of the bibles; all things that do not pertain to the Torah nor to the books of the Prophets as originally written such as the word ‘baptism’ originated from the Roman terms Vattésimus (battesimu––augury) and Vaticynius (consecration made through augury or prediction); and images of doctrines of faiths and things that belong to the mixed translation and terminology that was left in the bible for the exclusive use of the State of Vatican and the Roman ordinations.

1st. There is only one woman (church; city; congregation) that calls herself by the title Mother which is also written on her forehead. Therefore the great Babylon is not about too many women but one Mother church; city or congregation.

2nd. A gilded cup of wine. On her forehead the title Mother of beliefs and spiritual fornications [type of love dedicated to images of saints] does not reveal who it is unless there is a woman--church which calls herself by the spiritual title Mother, and offers in her rites and masses for the nations a gilded cup full of the belief that the wine she has drunk is transubstantiated into holy blood.

3rd. A Babylonical; great or big in size. Vaticanus hill is one of the seven hills upon which the city of Rome was built; - A woman sitting upon a scarlet force. Symbolism of the flag of the Vatican's army -- the Swiss cross on a red field ultimately derives from a similar banner of the Roman Empire.

Book of Revelations clears up that the scarlet beast itself is the eighth nation, and is of the seven, for being Rome which in the past was the Roman empire. That is the beast that was and is not.

Therefore, literally, there is an eighth nation -State of Vatican— which is of the seven for being of Rome. The scarlet beast; the scarlet force that was (a Roman empire) and is not, lives in the form of reverenced ordination.

½. On the day a person comes out of Babylon then (s)he begins to revert the substitutions that had been made to the translations, knowing that the words 1st. Lord 2nd. god (elohim), 3rd. IESVS, JE-SUS (I-HORSE, Sameq, Vav, Sameq, 60,6,60); 4th. Christus; 5th. cross; 6th. crucify; 7th. baptism, 8th. faith (Roman doctrine of fides quae creditur and belief)

had been placed as substitute words for 1st. YHWH; 2nd. EL (ELYON); 3rd. YHWH’ÓSHUA (I AM WHO ANOINTS) 4th. Anointed, 5th. tree, 6th. suspend, 7th. Unction, 8th. Emunah--fidelitate--fidelity (hearing rather than working up a belief; understand; having ears to hear; give permanence; remain; endure).

#112635 - 12/15/10 02:29 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: A_man_of_ELYON]
A_man_of_ELYON Offline
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Parable of the Road -- The light is with you for a brief time. Walk on the road in the time you have the light so that gloom doesn't overtake you. He that walks in the gloom credits a light by believing that a road is there but doesn't know where he's going. In the time you have the light, see the road in the light so that you may become a first-fruit of the light

Brief time: Immediate time; A sequence of time that is abbreviated.
Access in a brief or Immediate sequence.
...believing there is a road –– Synonym: Not seeing the road.
Bible in Basic English -- walking in the dark has no knowledge of where he is going.
Roman doctrine fides quae creditur -- ...walks in darkness [in lack of belief] knows not where he goes.

Parable of the Trail – Is there not a half day of daylight? A man may go about a half day without falling because he sees the trail in the light. But if a man goes about in the gloom, believing there is a trail, he may have a fall because the daylight does not depend on his will of believing.

Half day: Immediate time; A Mediated sequence of time that is a dividing of time.
...believing there is a trail –– Synonym: Not seeing the trail.
Bible in Basic English -- ...he may have a fall because the light is not in him.
Roman doctrine fides quae creditur -- ...because there is no light [of belief] in him.
And If you feel that you can’t go on --a system of a ‘just believe’,
when you know that you can’t go wrong, in the Light you’ll find the road.


#112640 - 12/17/10 01:13 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: Tamar Deburg]
JamesTheMechanic Offline
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Absolutely Everything! I'm glad to be free. It means He was faithful who promised to be found by those who diligently seek Him. It means freedom from religion, and back into the battle to spread His Word so that if He calls someone who hears it they can be free also!

It also means the days are short. He's coming soon. He called us out by waking us up. Let's not come out in search of another Babylon. Lets sound the alarm!
"Wisdom is justified by her children."

#112655 - 12/25/10 06:41 AM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: JamesTheMechanic]
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The Messianic Movement

......."The Christian doctrine that Messiah did away with the Law has turned the Bible and biblical faith upside down. All of the ethical and moral instructions and commandments of Scripture are open to debate. If the Law was done away with, then three quarters of the Scriptures are unreliable and useless to Christians.

But clear, independent thinking people are seeing through the lie and seeing the truth of Scripture: Elohim doesn't change and neither does his moral character, his moral teachings and his definition of righteousness. What he gave to his ancient people is still valid and still speaks of his integrity today. None of his requirements and commandments have changed, because God doesn't change.

Consequently, a remnant of believers in Messiah are beginning to see the need for obedience to the commandments of Scripture. This repentance is the repentance spoken of by the prophets. When his people in the last days repent of their transgressions and rebellion against his Torah, and begin to seek Elohim with all their heart and mind, then he will fulfill his promise to bring Messiah and regather his people back to the promised inheritance of Land in Israel.

So Christians are discovering these truths and are no longer being accepted in the Christian churches because they are no longer towing the party or congregational line. They are no longer believing the traditions and practices and teachings of the denomination, because they are repenting of their rejection of the Torah and are beginning to embrace Torah as the proper walk of faith for the true disciples of Messiah.

As Christian ministers and pastors and teachers are confronted with those who are rebelling against the teachings of the church, they are expressing disdain for these "new" beliefs and are making it clear that those who embrace these Hebraic "heresies" are no longer welcome in the fellowship. Its no wonder that so many Christians are disengaging from and leaving their churches.

In my own experience, I long ago saw in the Scriptures that the pretrib rapture teaching was not biblical. As I studied more and more, I became convinced of it and shared it with others who saw the same thing as I did. But when I shared my belief (or non-belief) in the teaching of the pre-trib rapture with my pastor, I came up against a stone wall. I was ultimately told that I was no longer welcome to teach and fellowship with his congregation, because I would not conform and teach their doctrine of pre-trib rapture as truth.

I have heard many similar testimonies from others who were led by the Spirit to be convinced that one or several of the teachings of their church, denomination or pastor, was not biblical. And each one of them was met with the same disdain and rejection as I was. They were either thrust out of the fellowship or they willing moved on away from the fellowship as they began to see the "writing on the wall."

The combination of hypocrisy and sin in the leadership, the pervasiveness of false doctrine, and the hard-headed refusal by church leaders to hear and allow different opinions, beliefs and points of view in biblical interpretation have led thousands and thousands of believers to leave their home churches, and eventually to abandon all Christian churches as the place of worship and fellowship. Without a community church at which these truth seekers are welcome, there is really no other option but to worship and study at home and seek out others who feel the same way! And this is precisely what the Holy Spirit is leading many to do.

The rise in popularity of home Bible study groups is well known. Even within the larger Christian churches, home study groups have gained in popularity as a way of promoting fellowship and intimacy among believers and stimulating personal Bible study. Yet those who have left the church make the home fellowship into their singular mode of worship and study. It is in this context that more profound changes can take place. Without being under the control and supervision of a church, a pastor, an elder body or a doctrinal creed, truth seekers are able to explore Bible subjects freely without fear of censorship or scorn from those looking over their shoulders.

The Embracing of Torah

It is within this freedom of independence from an authoritative man made structure (a church) that people can truly contemplate ideas of Biblical interpretation which institutional organizations have labeled as "heretic" or "unorthodox." In this context, truth seekers may study doctrines and teachings from the Bible which had previously been frowned upon by their pastor or teacher.

At the top of the list of the many doctrines and teachings which have been summarily dismissed in the past, is that of the Law of Moses. In nearly every sect, denomination and church, the thought that Jesus did away with the Law is pervasive. This is a foundational assumption in Christian doctrine. So it affects all other doctrines and beliefs in Christianity.

But upon open investigation of this question, and without the constraints of church tradition to mute these inquiries, truth seekers are quickly rediscovering that the Torah is not only still valid as the expression of Elohim's will for his people, but the Torah contains a whole world of common sense instructions about how to live the "Christian life."

Messiah Yahusha has made it very easy to understand his position on Torah. In the Sermon on the Mount, Yahusha exclaimed,

"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them. I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished. Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commandments and teaches others to do the same will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 5:17-19)

Away from the influences of Christian dogmas and forced interpretations, this plain statement clearly states that Messiah is not abolishing Torah. Quit simply, he has come to reveal its true meaning (fulfill it). Moreover, those who are the greatest in the kingdom are those who obey Torah and teach Torah. And those who transgress Torah and teach others to transgress Torah are the least of all who make it to the kingdom of heaven.

Truth seeking Messianics who realize this simple fact and its ramifications for the life of faith must dramatically change many things in their lives, because much of what Christians believe and do are contrary to the written Torah of Scripture. Accordingly, most Messianic home fellowships and Messianic congregations begin following a regular reading schedule of the five books of Moses called the Torah or "Law."

Even the New Testament elders, in that well known "Jerusalem Counsel" which convened over the debate of what should be required of new gentile converts to the Messianic faith, concluded that only a few essential laws should be required:

"It is my judgment, therefore, that we should not make it difficult for the Gentiles who are turning to Elohim. Instead we should write to them, telling them to abstain from food polluted by idols, from sexual immorality, from the meat of strangled animals and from blood." (Acts 15:19-20)

The justification for only requiring these few laws of Gentiles follows:

"For Mosheh has been preached in every city from the earliest times and is read in the synagogues on every Sabbath." (Acts 15:21)

The meaning of this statement should not be underestimated. The new Messianic believers would no doubt assemble with the others on every Sabbath day. On every Sabbath day, the biblical custom is to read a portion of the Torah and "midrash" over it - that is to say, the elders would explain its meaning and application to the assembly........"

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#112689 - 01/18/11 12:25 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: JamesTheMechanic]
A_man_of_ELYON Offline
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Originally Posted By: JamesTheMechanic
I'm glad to be free.

..It means freedom from religion, and back into the battle..

..someone who hears it they can be free also!

..It also means the days are short.
Let's not come out in search of another Babylon. Lets sound the alarm!

And freedom from religion also means freedom from the image of the leopard; the image of doctrine that was consecrated in the bibles by the ordination (of words) from versio vulgata, which was left to the eighth kingdom (State of Vatican),

Quoting from a work entitled THE REVERSED WRITINGS,

The one who knows the heart does not need to trust or believe

From a book of 150 chapters a sentence is picked, '..bossom friend in whom I trusted who ate of my bread..', and then an ordinance of Litanies, also named Sacred Vulgate, does propose that the lamb would have been a spirit of man; a second person; god-the son, because, according to the ordinance, the lamb would have to be seen as one who believes and trusts, precisely the averse of the living Word that knows the heart and the thoughts.

A brief return to the facts that might be seen from the connection between the testimony in the first pages of Acts of Pilate (Gospel of Nicodemus) – Hebrew Names Edition –, and all fragments of texts in the books of the ancient ones in reference to the Word that was in the beginning.

In a written testament the words are given to be heard after the death of whom declared them. The reverse of it is a covenant through living Word declared in Immediate time; without interruption of time neither before nor after the resurrection of the lamb. When seeing which fragments of texts in the bible do not pertain to the Song of the Lamb (The Gospels and the writings of the apostles as originally written) nor to the Song of Mosheh (all words written by Mosheh and the books of the Prophets as originally written); one ascertains that there are two different transcriptions on how the lamb came in the presence of Pilate:

Gospel of Nicodemus––Acts of Pilate, treats the lamb as the living יהוה Word that was made flesh and became one of us just physically. Your word is a little part of you, and if your word is of a realm over Heavens and beyond then the word you declare shines white Light and come into being and say I AM THE LIGHT; And your own word is made flesh; with ability to walk and speak without taking a second person, vessel or prophet to do it for you. Being completeness of the Word that initiates the times and makes all things new, the Word [יהוה] of Yhwh was made flesh; not a spirit of man nor a second person either.

The second transcription, named passion of christ, staples the lamb to the spirit of a second person or spirit of man that was made flesh; Because the ordinance of Litanies, which speaks through the texts, calls the lamb a son of man, son of Adam, god-the son or the god in the person of the son; And it does not treat the lamb as the living יהוהWord in real time and not with ink, writing with life and new actions the covenant of Whom makes all things new. To the contrary, treats the living Word as having been put in subjection under words that were written about David or a spirit of man, whenever that ordinance says: '…that the scripture might be fulfilled'.


#112694 - 01/20/11 01:28 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: A_man_of_ELYON]
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In the book of IsaYah the same Word clears up, I AM the same; I AM the first (the one that begets), I AM also the last (the one that is begotten).

From all words in the Sefer Tehilim (book of Psalms) and in the books of the Prophets, only what was written in reference to the living Word [יהוה] of the Celestial is that which can be quoted for testimony of the fulfillness of prophecy about the living Word that became flesh,

These are the words which I spoke to you beforehand
that it was important that all things which are fulfilled in Me are those written about Me
– (the Word יהוה that was in the beginning)
in the books of the Law, of the Psalms and of the Prophets.

Text originated from versio vulgata: ‘...that all things must needs be fulfilled, which are written...’

The sending of the Truth that sanctifies does not depend on asking or praying

When you establish your house to be built upon the truth that sanctifies and be complete and ready to shelter whom you want the most then you send all materials for your house including the coating and ornaments. The last thing you need is a second person asking or praying for you to still send or do one thing or another since that would make it sound as if you needed to be reminded, as if it was not clearly understood that I AM already knows what you need.

When one is prudent as (when dealing with) serpents, in regards to badly revised copies of bibles then (s)he will see the field in the light and ascertain whether the alleged prayer of Iesus for his disciples would have ever taken place.

Text originated from versio vulgata: '...Sanctify them in the truth, your word is the truth...'

The living Word that was in the beginning said: I AM the Truth.

And only the averse - of the Completeness of I AM THE LIGHT – would need to pray and speak as if the Truth itself, the Word of Yhwh, was not there at that moment, present in the flesh.

Non-existence of Judas story in the earliest documents

In the Gospels of Mark and Luke, it is stated that following the resurrection the lamb appeared to the eleven. Who was not present? –– Book of John clears up that the one missing was Tomah (Thomas), therefore the eleven had to include Judah (Judas).

When Paul writes to the people of Corinto (1 Cor **:*) that after his resurrection the lamb was seen by the twelve, this had to include Judah since it was only after the ascension, approximately forty days after the resurrection (Acts *:*), that another person would have been voted in to replace Judah.

However, if in real life, an election of apostle requires the work of casting lots to help with decision making: It is indirect vote and a system opposite to the one that the twelve apostles were elected, when the Word alone is that chooses, and chooses when the Word is pronounced.

When a story is proper to whoever has a need to give credit, and where salvation would depend upon him working up a belief credited by the spirits of men; Is that not a story where the Word is shown as absent or unable to speak, so that decision making would depend upon lots being cast by the man? Much more disgraced and absent is a word or spirit that takes a prayer to have that casting of lots done well.

The emerging of the passion of christ

The living Word always comes first and only then comes the word in written form. However that is not what takes place in the following sentence: ‘…(would have to betray him) that the scripture might be fulfilled’.

What does determine which of the 150 chapters of the book of Psalms might be sheltering 1 or 2 verses that needs to be fulfilled; the need of using ancient scripture so that it might fulfill (give legitimacy) to a believed story, to show it as authentic scripture, and to fill out a lamb made by order, proper for the usage of the tradings of religion and doctrines.

And all that requires these three things: the god, or the generic term elohim--god(s), the worshipping and prayer rituals, and the need to give (spiritual) credit to become a creditor of merit, does also require a lamb in the same measure: a lamb that would need to be betrayed and delivered by an armed escort so that he should deliver his life.

Disconnection between the Word of Yhwh and the word from a second person

If one day you have to donate a part of you to save the life of the one you want the most, then the free access to life you do by your will and through your word, ceases from being ready and willing, if, in real life, your own living Word speaks as if it was a second person saying: ‘In order for me to make this donation by which a life might be saved, …it will depend upon they delivering me, however, before it takes place …one of you will have to betray me… …let this cup pass from me…’.

Thin Measurement Line – All words originated from the ordinance named versio vulgata came from the same source of the Litanies of Iesu and were left to the gathering of Pergamus by certain angels.

The words 'let this cup pass from me' were measured, clearing up that they do not pertain to the words of Yhwh. Instruction was given about the precise extension of contents that can be measured: The altar and the temple which is also tabernacle and body of the lamb.

Get up and measure the Temple and the altar and those who operate in them,
Leave out the atrium of the court which is outside of the Temple
and do not measure it, for it was given to the nations.

The atrium of the court is every extension of content (in the bible) that is not about the Temple, the altar and those that operate in them.

When one leaves out the atrium, for it was given to the nations, the understanding is given that, in every extension of text (in the bible) which is not about the Temple and the altar, one does not need to measure (or search for precision) because those contents are found mixed and were left to the nations.

#112695 - 01/20/11 03:43 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: Tamar Deburg]
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Originally Posted By: Tamar Deburg
I'm curious....What does coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU?

Shalom Tamar,

To me, this means rejecting any & all human doctrines that are not completely supported by clear scriptural reasonings.

Then coming to an accurate knowledge, understanding & acceptance of the "clear light of scripture". (acceptance goes beyond knowledge & understanding, as satan & his demons know & understand, & yet rejected The Father)

Almost every "christian belief system" still contains some of the Roman beliefs that I believe we must divorce ourselves from, to gain our Heavenly Fathers approval.


#112703 - 01/22/11 07:20 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: harvest144]
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The center piece of the Torah and the Ten Commandments revolves around the sanctity of Yahweh's name and the observance of His Sabbaths and Feast Days. From this everything else flows. And obviously this is what Babylon chooses to disregard - as they like Jews - put their own thoughts above those of Elohim and as a result - have never known the way of peace.

"The way of peace they know not; and there is no judgment in their goings: they have made them crooked paths: whosoever goeth therein shall not know peace." Isaiah 59:8


"...It is time to bring the Church out of the Babylonian system and unite her in the truth. Since the time of the dark ages, the Church has struggled to free herself completely from the cords that entangled her and dimmed her light. The Spirit is once again calling for another step toward restoration. There will be those that will hear the voice of the Spirit that is crying, “Be not partakers of her sins...,” Revelations 18:4.

For every truth that has been revealed and accepted since the days of Martin Luther, there has been a great resistance and persecution. But restitution must come and with every wave of glory will come more persecution. Fear not, the fire is turned up to finish the refining process. The names Yahweh and Yasha have been rejected for years even by his people.

The removal of the names of the Father and his Son must be considered evil and a dishonor. It is one of the wrongs that must be set right just as the biblical feast and the Sabbath. And those who choose to participate will suffer for their stand. Listen to the words of Yasha,

“Then they will deliver you up to be afflicted, and will kill you; and you will be hated by all the nations for my name’s sake,” Matthew 24:9."

Why we use Yah and Yasha

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#112707 - 01/25/11 03:28 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: yonah1]
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Just as the word staff means stick and persons (a body of assistants) at one time, even so the word stick was used before in ancient writings to represent people,

I will gather the stick of Jiusaff (House of Joseph), which is in the hand of Ephraim, and the sticks of the tribes of Ishrael his fellows, and I will gather them all together to the stick of Judah (House of Judah) and make them into One stick in *mine* gathered hands.

Now a word that isn’t unnusual: Baby, which the Four Sticks use not to represent people, because the following Baby is for those who hide their love to depths of life
and ruin dreams that we all knew so,

O Baby, I got to fly – because you know I got to get away from you Baby

The message about who is the Baby from whom the Four Sticks are getting away, was previously sung in Celebration Day,

her name is B’rown, A’white or B’lack, You know her very well
you can hear her cries of mercy as the winners toll the bell

Instead of coming out of her, many are heading to the opposite direction,

There’s a train that leaves the station heading for your destination
But the price you pay to nowhere has increased a dollar more
And if you walk you're gonna get there, tho' it takes a little longer,
And when you see it in the distance you will wring your hands and moan.

The poor ones who take a little longer to get there and the ones who do not take the train nor pay the price one pays to nowhere (tithes of salary), will not be there when Baby fall.


#112708 - 01/26/11 09:21 AM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: A_man_of_ELYON]
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Since there is no "W" in Hebrew, and we claim to be getting back to "Hebraic Roots" why is a "W" substituted so often for "V" in "VAV" the 3rd letter of the Tetragrammaton? This obviously has serious implications for the correct pronunciation of Elohim's name.

"Special uses of Vav - The letter vav is used to mean "and" ("vav Hachibur" - the vav of connection). This Vav of connection is most often pronounced "Veh," but in certain cases (before a Shwa) it becomes "oo." This is often more honored in the breach than in the observance.

Vav has several types of sounds in Hebrew:ן Vav as a consonant is pronounced "V." This is most often at the beginning of a word where it may mean "and" as in גד ושרה (Gad and Sarah). As "V" it can also be sounded according to the vowel associated with it, Vah or Veh or Vee. But a Vav with an oo sound is not Voo.

Shuruk - When a dot is put in the Vav it becomes an "oo" sound. A Voo sound would require two vavs. This sound occurs frequently when Vav is used to mean "and" and is placed at the start of a word that has a shwa (semi silent or silent vowel) under the first letter. For example: חנה ובנותיה - Pronounced - "Hahnah oo'vnohtayeh, meaning Hanna and her sons...."

ANCIENT HEBREW OR PALAEO-HEBREW LETTER FORM OF THE NAME YOD-HAY-UAU-HAY .... In short, there is no letter "W" in Hebrew. To render the sixth letter of the ... - Cached

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#112712 - 01/27/11 08:15 AM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: yonah1]
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Monday, September 20, 2010

"His Name!"

"Why is it that we serve the Creator Elohim/God who is the Only real God yet Jews and Christians are the only religions who do not use His Name? All other religions use the name of their god to differentiate between their god and other gods. Instead we use a title. God, Lord, Savior, etc. These are all titles. That would be like me always being called mom, wife, sister, daughter but never by my name, Kathe. I could be anyone's mom, or wife, or sister or daughter. The title does not make me different, my name does.

In the original Holy Scriptures our Creator's Name was written over 6,000 times. Because of Jewish tradition those writings were changed to a title instead.(Remember the verses where the Bible tells us what is going to happen to those who change His Word?) Going through those Holy Scriptures and replacing His Name everywhere the Bible says GOD, LORD, Adonai, Elohim, etc. makes you realize that His Name was EVERYWHERE in Scripture. It also makes you realize the importance that He puts upon His Name and that it is very important to use His Name, both in reading His Word and in conversation with others. In fact we are told in His Word that those of us who use His Name in conversation will be blessed.

Yet most don't even know His Name. A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a believer. I said Yahweh and she looked at me funny. I told her that Yahweh is the Name of God and she was confused. She thought His Name was God. When I told her the bit about it being a title like her title was mom she was floored. She had been to church for years and was never told that.

This is a huge disservice to Yahweh. And to believers as well. His Word tells us that by His Name we are saved. It does not say by His title we are saved. Think about that one for a moment. You can argue all you want against it, I'm just saying what He is saying. Take it for what it's worth....."

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#112713 - 01/27/11 08:51 PM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: Tamar Deburg]
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Coming out of Babylon mean to come out of the world's religious system. Most if not all of the Christians churches is a branch of ancient pagan religion. I have attended many of these churches, but now I do not. Man-made religion covers most of Christianity. Babylon is the world's church. If you are a child of Almighty Yahweh and you know you are not where you need to be. Come Out, Search the Sacred Scriptures, and Almighty Yahweh will guide you to where you need to be. Praise Almighty Yahweh

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#112715 - 01/28/11 01:19 AM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: Carrol]
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Originally Posted By: Carrol
Babylon is the world's church. If you are a child of Almighty Yahweh and you know you are not where you need to be. Come Out, Search the Sacred Scriptures, and Almighty Yahweh will guide you to where you need to be.

Praise Almighty Yahweh

AMEIN! - 1Cor 10: 21 "You cannot drink the cup of Yahweh and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the table of Yahweh and the table of demons."

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#112716 - 01/28/11 08:33 AM Re: What does....Coming out of Babylon mean to....YOU [Re: Carrol]
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Originally Posted By: Carrol
Search the Sacred Scriptures, and Almighty Yahweh will guide you to where you need to be.

O.Fr. sacrer (12c.), from O.L. saceres, bind, restrict, enclose, protect.
L. secretus 'set apart, withdrawn, hidden,' originally pp. of secernere 'to set apart,' from se- 'without, apart,' prop. 'on one's own' (from PIE *sed-, from base *s(w)e-; see idiom) + cernere 'separate'.

The versio vulgata from which all mastercopies of bibles left to religion and doctrines were made
has kept secretus (treasure hidden as it is said in the parable);
If you go to the texts in the Hebrew bible, the word Emunah [Fidelity, fidelitate, consistency, firmness]
is to remain having fidelity to Yhwh's Word only.

When keeping emunah secretus the versio vulgata mistranslates emunah to fides quae creditur [belief that is credited by spirits of man]


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