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#115230 - 09/23/13 03:58 AM Re: Amish style messianic community/farm? [Re: The Wellers]
ArizonaDave Offline
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Greetings in the wonderful name of Yahshua Messiah,

We are Psalm 133 Ministries based out of Arizona and we are planning on purchasing some land in rural Northern Arizona ( about 1 hour from Flagstaff )with a target date of Spring/Summer 2015 if not sooner. This will be an off-grid self-sustaining community of Hebrew Roots / Sacred Name believers.

Our full profile can be viewed at

We also have a YouTube page at

We are planning to purchase a couple of acres of land (to start) in Northern Arizona and live off the grid. At the time of this writing the land can be purchased for a mere $10,000. The handwriting is on the wall and economic collapse is at hand. The new world order globalist beast system is rearing it's ugly head. The saints of the Most High Yah need to come together in love and unity in this final hour. Let us become ONE as the Father and Son are one brothers and sisters. Let us free ourselves from the bondage of debt and mortgage. Let us free ourselves from the bondage of high utility bills. In addition, how can we truly love one another by seeing each other at best only one time per week on the Shabbat? What kind of kingdom witness is that? Not a good one !!! We are supposed to be a family saints. The body of Messiah is so disjointed and disconnected today and it need not be so. Let us flee this Roman Nicolaitan system of worship and return to the Acts 2 and 4 biblical model of worship and love. Communal living. Again all the information on our planned community can be found on the Fellowship for Intentional Community Website at . We are listed under Psalm 133 Hebrew Roots Sacred Name Community.

First we will secure some land. Next we will build our homes on the land. Some will bring their own trailers, RV's, tents and motorhomes onto the land to start. Some will build log cabins, some will purchase "tiny homes" on wheels and transport them onto the land. Water towers will be built, in time wells will be dug, we will start off with propane and gas generators to start with a goal of living off solar power. Ultimately our only regular monthly bills will be cell phone and insurance for our vehicles, and property tax ( well, I suppose that is a yearly expense. The property tax is low in Northern Arizona ). We will build a community garden and farm of sorts in hopes of ultimately being able to produce over 50% of our own organic food but until then we will purchase our food from an organic grocery store in Flagstaff or from farmers markets.

It is time to stop arguing over the "controversial" matters of the faith. You know what they are .... biblical calendar matters, exact pronunciation of the name, women's head covering or lack thereof, tassels or lack thereof, and so forth. The globalist beast system is rapidly sinking it's teeth into all facets of society and the handwriting is on the wall for the United States. We can keep arguing over minor points of the faith or we can be patient with one another as we grow and come together as a family in rural America. We have a chance to put on display "as a witness to the world" how Yahweh's kingdom will operate in the future. We have a chance to show the world that our heavenly Father loves us greatly and love is the under-girding of the Most High's Torah law.

All believers willing to put aside doctrinal disputes over "vague", "grey" or controversial matters of the faith are welcome to come on board with us and help us build this Hebrew roots sacred name community. Obviously open sin will NOT be permitted in the camp. A spirit of lawlessness ( torahlessness ) will not be welcome either. If there is no law then what you are saying is that there is no love. Yahshua will be the chief cornerstone and have the chief seat in our community next to the Father of course. All scripture is inspired of Yah including the New Covenant scriptures. We will strive to live by every word of Yahweh from Genesis to Revelation in a spirit of love and self-sacrifice.

Everyone will maintain his or her own checking, savings, and other financial accounts. We don't plan to have a common purse unless compelled to in the case of a great divergence between rich and poor in the camp. We will need to function as a family unit just like our natural families function. All needs must be met. Each brother and sister will be asked to take care of a financial need in the community. Some will be assigned the food expense, others the cost of propane/gas, others might be assigned the cost of caring for the animals, etc .... Some of the saints will work in Flagstaff Arizona ( about an hour away ) to help bring income into the community. We hope to keep this to a minimum however. Some will work full-time on the community especially those that are retired, have pensions, etc ... and have no need to bring in an outside income. Bottom line > there can be NO poor in our community on the one hand and rich on the other. While we will each maintain our own accounts, everyone is expected to contribute to the needs of the family as a whole, whatever they are. If a root of selfishness is evident in the community, we will not hesitate to go to a common purse scenario for the community. It is only a matter of time before the United States dollar collapses anyway, so it is high time we STOP putting our trust in a piece of paper money which is NOT backed by anything anyway. Very soon all our money will be useless. In the future men and women will even be throwing their gold into the streets. It will be very easy for any one of us to take the mark of the beast if we are not careful. Let us not be caught unawares saints !!! Lets prepare now for the future as best we can, as good stewards over what Yahweh has given us. It is not natural to be living cooped up in these population centers ( the heart of Babylon ) living on top of one another in these highly toxic and polluted metropolitan areas. We are so distracted and under high stress in these big cities are we not? Satan wants us distracted so lets return to living simple and come out of Babylon and bondage. Fully trusting in Yahweh to provide. When the economic hammer falls on the United States, it will be the big cities that take the brunt of the collapse hardest. People will not know what to do. As good stewards, let us be like the Proverbs ant who prepares ahead of time for a rainy day. Let us labor with our hands and come out of Babylonian bondage. We are all to one extent or another guilty of making the corporations rich, the bankers rich, Walmart rich, etc ... This is all part of Satan's system to bring us into bondage.

As a group, there will be opportunities to witness to the surrounding area. We hope to learn Hebrew Dance, Circle dancing etc ... and hope to have some talented musicians among us so that we can praise the Most High in public as a witness to the world. We want to display the kingdom principles of Yahweh to the world.

We will have daily gatherings ( perhaps about 1 hour in the evening ) where we come together as a family unit to worship the most high in psalms, hymns, dance, testimony, prayer and a short teaching from a "servant" leader. No more Nicolaitan system or Balaam arrangement. No priests for hire. No ONE LEADER exerting power and harsh exacting burdens over the saints. No holier than thou attitude. We will all be ONE. We will sit or stand in a circle and minister to one another as we worship and praise the Most High Yah. Everybody will contribute in one way or another to our worship gatherings. Longer length gatherings will occur on the Shabbat and annual Sabbaths. We are not opposed to government in the community, but the traditional Roman system of ONE individual having final say in all affairs will not take place here. At most, we will have a council of servant leaders ( a subgroup of the community who prove themselves to be self-sacrificing humble servants )direct the day-to-day affairs of the community.

Any children brought onto the community should be home schooled. Arizona is a home school friendly state. Just as an aside, there is a slight possibility we could opt for purchasing land in Montana or in the Ozarks of Missouri as well depending on the input from the servant leaders who commit to this work of Yahweh. These are all home school friendly states. Arizona and Montana especially have state governments that are NOT intrusive. They have NOT become police states like many parts of America. State regulations for running our community, building our community, etc ... are minimal in these states. We will be left alone to worship our Yah in peace, at least for the short-term. We all know that persecution and martyrdom of the saints will ultimately come at some point in the future and so at the end of the day we must put full trust in the Most High to take care of us and provide direction.

Please feel free to email questions to (psalm133ministriesatgmaildotcom). Servant leaders who rise up between now and 2015 who are willing to contribute labor, financial resources, pick-up trucks, construction equipment and/or other self-sacrificing contributions to the establishment of the community will come together to purchase the land in early 2015 if not sooner. Servant leaders will need to show themselves as humble, self-sacrificing and outgoing. No halfhearted efforts here. Let us come out of the HEART OF BABYLON ( the population centers ) of America and return to working with our hands in an agricultural setting. After all, when the kingdom comes down from heaven, a return to an agricultural lifestyle will be the rule of the millennium. This is a chance to model the kingdom of Yahweh to the world saints !!!

May Yahweh Bless !!!

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#115231 - 09/28/13 04:56 PM Re: Amish style messianic community/farm? [Re: ArizonaDave]
yeshuaslave Offline
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Originally Posted By: ArizonaDave

May Yahweh Bless !!!

... what about t.lm.d.sts ? or those who trust man's history?
or those who trust a foreign religion ?
... are they to be accepted? tolerated ?
(in the community of ekklesia)
"...suffer persecution so
that, perhaps, take part in
resurrection..." Paul's letter

#115344 - 02/24/14 01:14 AM Re: Amish style messianic community/farm? [Re: ArizonaDave]
Riv Offline
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Hi everyone,

I am glad that someone posted this topic for discussion.

I am a newcomer to this site and I am very interested in finding and relocating, so I can live within or close to an (off the grid type of situation) that consist of an Amish type of Messianic or Nazarene or Natzarim (whether the correct terminology is) Community/commune/or farm that is located in a farming community or in a rural setting, and is a Torah observant based community, keeps Biblical kosher, and that refers to the Creator/Messiah by His Sacred Names. YHWH and Yahushua. I have been looking for this type of situation for a while now and there doesn't appear to be such a community that exist based on the above description in this paragraph. I am looking to join a community that either already exist or is in the process of being formed in existence.

I am also a professional nanny, that is that looking for a position with a family that has the same faith as me. I personally would like to be a nanny for a family, within this type of community, if that is even possible to find. I am interested in learning how to farm, garden and grow my own organic foods and herbs. I am also seeking fellowship with like minded folks and would like to be able to live a Torah based life as a believer in Yahushua with like minded folks, where we look out for one another, help one another and witness to the non-believing communities around us as well.

I am currently in Ohio, alone in my walk in my faith as I am not able to find like minded folks to fellowship with (unless I want to call my friend who lives in N.C.), nor do I have anyone to celebrate the Biblical feasts with, I am not attending any local congregations or churches (as I used to) because, I found the people aren't of like mind, (especially, after I did some awaking to things and discovery of things), they are not interested in the Truth, (and it makes it hard for me to relate to the people there) the love is cold, the fellowship is shallow, the worship and dancing was very dry, they would rather follow man made traditions, rabbinic traditions and or celebrate pagan festivals. I found or discovered some disturbing things a long the way, or found too many things that just seem wrong, where I felt very convicted by YHWH that, I need to leave this particular congregation, after being a part of it for 13 years. Of course my wake up period started in 2007, and I left the congregation in Nov of 2008. What I mean by wake up period is, that I started spending more time in the Scriptures in 2007, (as that was a weakness for me and sometimes still is), and I started searching things out, and being alerted to many things, that I just didn't think about before.

As a result of my spending more time in the Scriptures, I desired to be more Torah observant, as I was a more laid back about it, beforehand. For example> I really wasn't celebrating or observing the Sabbath the way it should be celebrated or observed. I was doing things on the Sabbath that I felt convicted that I should stop doing, until after the Sabbath was over, like doing business, spending money, getting my hair done, etc. It not just about requesting that day off from work, and of course, I was just doing what I wanted for myself, besides attend services at the congregation. I knew what I was doing wasn't right after I started spending more time in the Scriptures. So, I really learned a lot from my readings, started making changes and I am taking YHWH's Word and His commandments more seriously, and I want to grow closer to Him.

When I found this site and this topic, in this discussion forum, I was really excited that others were interested in this community type of living, besides myself.
Ever since I left the congregation, I have been on my own. I find it isn't easy to live a Torah based life on my own, especially because, I don't even know how to celebrate the Biblical feasts properly, especially since I am on my own and I trying to distant myself from rabbinic traditions. I also find it hard to work at my job, (employment wise) in an environment, where everyone around me are either non-believers or live life like the mainstream church goers around them. I constantly have to come face to face with pagan customs, everyone I go, and whether or not it is at the work place, or where I live (based on my roommates practices) and it isn't my choice, either to have to deal with this pagan stuff. I look forward to Yahushua's return.

If any one knows of such a community that I can relocate to, or if there are any openings there for me, and or if there is also a need for a nanny, then please let me know. I am a single woman, never been married, and I don't have any children. I would either need to rent a room with a roommate with other single women, or rent a room from a married couple or married coupled with a family or I would need a live-in position with a family. Thank you.

I hope and look forward to getting to know some of you members here and some other believers as well, even from a distance too. smile

Thank you for reading.

#115346 - 02/24/14 01:58 AM Re: Amish style messianic community/farm? [Re: ArizonaDave]
Riv Offline
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Hi ArizonaDave and to whom this may concern, concerning the ministry of Psalm 133 Ministries,

I tried to send you an email at >( that you posted on this forum, and I received an email delivery failure. I don't know how else to get in touch with you.

I tried to view your profile on the link that you provided right here….
Our full profile can be viewed at
But when I click on it, there is an empty page or there isn't such information about you, that is posted, that I can view.  Is there another link, I can visit to see your full profile?

Are you still trying to build a community, that you had mentioned on this forum?  I would like to know more about it as I would love to live in such a community of like mind folks where we can live our faith out together in a Torah based community.  Would you please get in touch in with me, and let me know about the progress and development of building such a community of believers living together and if there is anymore room for newcomers (such as myself) that can join in and live within your community?   I am a single woman, that has never been married and I don't have any children.

Thank you so much for your time, and I hope you are able to see this message.

I look forward to your response.


#115410 - 12/13/14 08:14 PM Re: Amish style messianic community/farm? [Re: The Wellers]
aaron bullock Offline
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i am interested. i have visited the twelve communities and find it not to be what i am seeking. i desire to live on a farm that is torah observant and share meals and growing food together with outreach to the local communities / anyone know of any ?

#115473 - 04/28/18 05:45 PM Messianic Kibbutz South Africa
Allenb Offline
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Hello all, I am Allen from Durban, South Africa.

Here in SA there is a great need for the separating of the good from the evil.

I propose a Messianic Kibbutz style small town/farm.
Are there any like minded Messianic's on this forum?

I feel this should be happening world wide before the great tribulation.

Peace on God's will.

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Edit Reason: mistake.

#115476 - 05/09/18 07:36 PM Re: Amish style messianic community/farm? [Re: aaron bullock]
Allenb Offline
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Hello, are there any active users here?

#115477 - 05/12/18 12:33 AM Re: Amish style messianic community/farm? [Re: Allenb]
Helper Administrator Offline
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Shalom Allen and welcome to the forums!

All in all, the forum is not very active recently. I am not sure who still looks at the posts or who doesn't, unless they respond themselves.
You can contact me through the Chat room at

Fellow servant of Messiah,


#115489 - 06/12/19 03:08 PM Re: Messianic Kibbutz South Africa [Re: Allenb]
Tenner Offline
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Are there any news from South Africa? Things are escalating over there, sadly.

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