Hello to everyone,

When I was about 9, I first became a christian. Over the years, my understanding of the bible grew (the New Testament of course, I was still unaware about following Torah), and I would say about 4 years ago, we began learning the TRUE meaning of christmas, easter, etc. We had never really celebrated halloween, we always knew that it was a bad holiday. Until just over two years ago, we knew nothing of the Torah, until someone came into our lives and showed us the truth. Now we (my family) follow Torah and celebrate Yahwehs feasts, and follow Sabbath (something that we never really did before). However, I still was just kind of following the path.

Now, at 16, my life is being turned around. I never had a hunger for the Word, but now I find myself looking forward to my Torah study each morning, something that was just pretty much a rutine before. Also, I find myself straying from things that would not please Yahweh. 2 or 3 weeks ago, I went to the library on Sabbath, and decided to listen to EliYah's broadcast. For some reason, I just wanted to do that, which was something that my family had dropped some time ago. Praise Yahweh I fell upon that broadcast, because it was about watching what you say. I'm sure most people have a problem with that, but it has been particuarlly a big issue in my life; I have always been one to say what was at mind and live to regret it AFTER. Now, I with the help of Yahweh, I am learning to curb my tounge. Also, last sabbath I listened to EliYah's teaching about peace, something that I could really use at this point of my life. At the same time I was priviliged to discuss current issues in my life and recieved counseling over numerous issues. Several people said they would keep me in their prayers. Well, this week, so far, has been the most peaceful week in quite some time. Sadly, I am generally on edge, trying to make sure I don't do anything wrong. This in large meant tht I just kind of stayed out of my dad's way as we no longer have the best relationship. (Don't worry, there is no phyisical abuse here, I was asked that last week, and don't want people thinking that is the case), and that of course was not the best feeling. But like I said, Yahweh is giving me peace.

In short, it feels like Yahweh is preparing me for when I am ready to move out on my own. From the events in my house, I am not sure that I can say this is a household to raise up the head of ALEPH TAV, as I have been reading in my Torah portions. In all honesty, my life would be that of the luke warm that we are warned about in Revealations. Praise Yahweh, I can definitely see my life turning around, just in the things that I find appealing.