I am so happy and I wanted to share it with you. All praise and glory to Yahushua!
Today my mother was praying for me and Yahushua came to her in the spirit, then she
saw me and she heared Him saying He was curing me from shizophrenia. He really
did it! I feel like a new baby, although the struggle is not yet completed. I
still get a bit of switches in perception, but the most important thing is that
His promises are true and that He cares!!!!!! Also, He came to do this after I
was completely desperate over the whole situation. I took all the courage and
simply said "I give my self over totally to You. Please, either heal me or let
me die in my body, because I don't want to die in my spirit." And He did the
former .... He is awesome! And faithful! And most of it all, I finally realized
that He is God, not me. So I don't need to worry about things, He is living God
not just some comforting idea. He lives!