Hi everyone,

I am glad that someone posted this topic for discussion.

I am a newcomer to this site and I am very interested in finding and relocating, so I can live within or close to an (off the grid type of situation) that consist of an Amish type of Messianic or Nazarene or Natzarim (whether the correct terminology is) Community/commune/or farm that is located in a farming community or in a rural setting, and is a Torah observant based community, keeps Biblical kosher, and that refers to the Creator/Messiah by His Sacred Names. YHWH and Yahushua. I have been looking for this type of situation for a while now and there doesn't appear to be such a community that exist based on the above description in this paragraph. I am looking to join a community that either already exist or is in the process of being formed in existence.

I am also a professional nanny, that is that looking for a position with a family that has the same faith as me. I personally would like to be a nanny for a family, within this type of community, if that is even possible to find. I am interested in learning how to farm, garden and grow my own organic foods and herbs. I am also seeking fellowship with like minded folks and would like to be able to live a Torah based life as a believer in Yahushua with like minded folks, where we look out for one another, help one another and witness to the non-believing communities around us as well.

I am currently in Ohio, alone in my walk in my faith as I am not able to find like minded folks to fellowship with (unless I want to call my friend who lives in N.C.), nor do I have anyone to celebrate the Biblical feasts with, I am not attending any local congregations or churches (as I used to) because, I found the people aren't of like mind, (especially, after I did some awaking to things and discovery of things), they are not interested in the Truth, (and it makes it hard for me to relate to the people there) the love is cold, the fellowship is shallow, the worship and dancing was very dry, they would rather follow man made traditions, rabbinic traditions and or celebrate pagan festivals. I found or discovered some disturbing things a long the way, or found too many things that just seem wrong, where I felt very convicted by YHWH that, I need to leave this particular congregation, after being a part of it for 13 years. Of course my wake up period started in 2007, and I left the congregation in Nov of 2008. What I mean by wake up period is, that I started spending more time in the Scriptures in 2007, (as that was a weakness for me and sometimes still is), and I started searching things out, and being alerted to many things, that I just didn't think about before.

As a result of my spending more time in the Scriptures, I desired to be more Torah observant, as I was a more laid back about it, beforehand. For example> I really wasn't celebrating or observing the Sabbath the way it should be celebrated or observed. I was doing things on the Sabbath that I felt convicted that I should stop doing, until after the Sabbath was over, like doing business, spending money, getting my hair done, etc. It not just about requesting that day off from work, and of course, I was just doing what I wanted for myself, besides attend services at the congregation. I knew what I was doing wasn't right after I started spending more time in the Scriptures. So, I really learned a lot from my readings, started making changes and I am taking YHWH's Word and His commandments more seriously, and I want to grow closer to Him.

When I found this site and this topic, in this discussion forum, I was really excited that others were interested in this community type of living, besides myself.
Ever since I left the congregation, I have been on my own. I find it isn't easy to live a Torah based life on my own, especially because, I don't even know how to celebrate the Biblical feasts properly, especially since I am on my own and I trying to distant myself from rabbinic traditions. I also find it hard to work at my job, (employment wise) in an environment, where everyone around me are either non-believers or live life like the mainstream church goers around them. I constantly have to come face to face with pagan customs, everyone I go, and whether or not it is at the work place, or where I live (based on my roommates practices) and it isn't my choice, either to have to deal with this pagan stuff. I look forward to Yahushua's return.

If any one knows of such a community that I can relocate to, or if there are any openings there for me, and or if there is also a need for a nanny, then please let me know. I am a single woman, never been married, and I don't have any children. I would either need to rent a room with a roommate with other single women, or rent a room from a married couple or married coupled with a family or I would need a live-in position with a family. Thank you.

I hope and look forward to getting to know some of you members here and some other believers as well, even from a distance too. smile

Thank you for reading.