Shalom everybody! I wanted to bring something to everyone's attention. A good friend of mine, and a very devout disciple of Yeshua, is currently writing a book that absolutely needs to be written! I've spent many hours with him discussing what the Holy Spirit has put inside of him, and believe that this message can make some serious differences in the modern day church.

His name is [name removed by Moderator]. He is currently hosting a fundraiser to gain the capital needed for publishing. He's actually already received a commitment from Thomas Nelson to publish it, and now he just needs to come up with some funds!

This book is aimed at the Gentile church. It goes through some of the most commonly dividing aspects of the Bible, and applies the original (mostly 1st century Jewish) context back into the scriptures. With the understanding he's been given on the Apostolic writings, if he can get this information into the church, it could make a world of difference!

Please, let's all do what we can to support him!

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