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I feel led to Go Therefore And Make Disciples of All Nations. This Topic Post is for All of you out there who feel led to do this also. Let's discuss and share how we are doing this. ...

There is no excuse for those of us who feel led to share the truth and live in big cities. It is time for us to take the time to get the word out there and leave no corner unturned where we have not stepped foot to share the Truth and the Blessings that YHWH has given to us.

We cannot be Lukewarm Anymore.


Yes, let us live the Word, let all that we do be as of and from Abba, all of our actions and all of our words. We are
vessels of honor or of dishonor. We are mere vessels. HIS MESSAGE is eternal and unchanging. We are frail, while HE IS STRONG. "Let the weak say "I am strong" " ( in HIM, trusting HIM) Let the blind say "I CAN SEE!!" I don't know how, but once I was blind, and now I can see !! JESUS DID IT - go see HIM.
"...suffer persecution so
that, perhaps, take part in
resurrection..." Paul's letter