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every one is broken(dead, really)...

Sure, but I was speaking of brokenness in a different sense. I had given life my very best shot for just as long as I could stand doing so, then I dropped face-down in the mud and looked up only just enough to breathe while admitting complete defeat and asking, "What must I do to live? Does anyone know, and will anyone teach me?"

My ego had been smashed, my pride had been crucified, and I willingly admitted my complete ignorance in fear of anything still worse.

My struggle today? To not appear proud of my circumstantially- and pain-driven humility...and I work against that by readily crawling right back down there beside the next human being I find in need and crying out as I had.

My "nose dives" at altars in my past had been honest ones, but the answers I received this last time around were much different. Rather than yet another extrapolation of "I/You can do all things through...", I was told to let Him do for me what I could not...and He has and still does.

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