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there is an obedient community in some places. ..

I wish I could see one, let alone find it.(MY HOME,YOUR HOME)
Sorry, that is what I doubt!!!(YOU DOUBT YOUR HOME TOO? NOT?)

To TOP it up: every time I ask - everyone keeps quiet or runs hiding - is my experience.(YES, the nazarene communities, the amish and mennonites, etc , are not the body, but act like it) (beware nazarene types, if they are like around here, they are adamantly against the gospel of good news in Yahuahua)
(the mennonite and amish are safe to visit however, as a resting place, to work for a season/decades?)

Do they smell that I know its a trap? Or is it ONLY ME who seems wrong???(ABBA KNOWS)
"...suffer persecution so
that, perhaps, take part in
resurrection..." Paul's letter