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Hello i come from the (not accepting).org but i only lived there 1 yr at 3 different communities. Today i live amongst the (other groups not related) in central pa north of harrisburg.........

here's a couple posted references to this abomination.

(In their own words)(i.e. it's their own posts or pages on the public internet sites they advertise on or whatever.)

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VeteranMntnFarm / centralpafarm wrote on on 12 Dec 2012. The barn ...... I am
legally female, but presenting as male. ... Pennelope88@aol.com for full Resume
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I am legally female, but presenting as male. ..... Address: CentralPaFarm AT aol
DOT com Web Address: http://directory.ic.org/22661/Central_Pa_Mountain_farm ...

Thank you yeshuaslave for the info!
Sometimes I have a bad taste - as it happened in this case - not knowing why
Now I know why I had it.

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