Shalom in Yahshua,

I just joined this site in the hopes of being led by YHVH through the guidance of the Ruach Hachadesh (Holy Spirit) to a Community or Kibbutz of like minded followers of Yahshua in the US (or elsewhere in the world if that is the Father's will).

I have seen some mention in the post's here about the Prairie Creek settlement in Missouri... I also was in the process of joining the group there & had actually travelled across country 4 times to spent time there (a total of about 3 months total time spent there).

It truly saddens my heart to say that there was some very SERIOUS Sin in the camp there & YHVH directed my wife & I back to California after just 1 day (we never even unloaded our possessions).

I understand that we all have access to forgiveness through the Blood of our Savior (and there may have well been a repentance there, but I don't know if there was any sought).

All I know is what YHVH meant for his Good, was thourghly disrupted at the the direct influence of our Arch Enemy (Hasatan).

I truly believed with all my Heart that this was the direction the Father was leading my wife & I to go in... however, because of the intense transgretion happening (and on going), I had NO peace to stay.

I speak the Truth in Messiah & sincerely am saddened deeply to share this information in this way... but I do feel obligated to share this information with anyone that is seriously thinking about getting involved in Prarie Creek.

Shalom Alechiem