The following notes summarize the meeting we held in Eminence Missouri at Sukkot for how to build up the body of Messiah:

1. Knitting the body together
a. Teaming up with new believers to help in their walk
b. Prayer support

2. Financial Need
a. Putting balance sheet and other info on website so people know needs

3. Qualified Elders

4. Prisoners
a. Writing & visiting
b. Help transitioning out of prison
c. Believers with halfway houses exist but we need to know where to contact them at

5. Fatherless/Orphans
a. Big brother big sister programs
b. Children's clinics

6. Widows
a. Visit widows in nursing homes
b. Visit through home visiting programs such as senior programs

7. Spreading the word through:
a. Sharing EliYah's DVD's
b. Speaking at shelters
c. Becoming food bank distribution point
d. Nursing homes
1. Scripture studies
2. Singing
3. Animal visits
e. Partnering with Red Cross in volunteer work
f. Working with local Christian or other denominations to facilitate what the needs are and help out - this builds relationships and then people are more receptive
g. Share on free radio & tv stations

8. The Sick:
a. Visiting in the hospital

9. Anti-Abortion Ministry (I added this after the fact)