smile We are with you all! It is not easy to make it on your own. We all need a community of believers where we can live together, or else, fail separately. An arm could never survive dissattached from the body...or a foot...or a toe. It doesn't matter what "member" of the body we are, we have to work together. And live in unity as one Body in Messiah. This system is broken, that is why Yahweh gave us Exodus, Numbers, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy. He laid out the Torah, so we as believers can live and work together, LOVING HIM, and then our NEIGHBOR. We have a detailed outline of the community we are envisioning. However, we do not have land or people to come to live on it. But, if we got the call tomorrow, to come and build, and live, we would get up and go. So, when the call is made, count us in as well.

Glenn, Jenn, Abagail and Samuel wink