I feel led to Go Therefore And Make Disciples of All Nations. This Topic Post is for All of you out there who feel led to do this also. Let's discuss and share how we are doing this. Let's strategize. This is a mission of World Conquest. Let's Make A Strategy.

We are in a day and age of Technology where information can be distributed on a wide scale basis at a low cost and very easily. Let's share all the things we are doing here and the tactics we are using for bringing others to the truth.

Let's challenge each other and set goals. Let's not be Lukewarm. Let's do an awesome thing and let YHWH do an awesome work through us. Let's share The Truth with Thousands. Each and every one of us in this day and age can share with thousands.

I am going to be putting together some type of Package which I want to distribute to people downtown. Many of us, like myself, live in a city with millions of people. We have public transit systems where thousands of people get on and off daily. EliYah has made this Hebrew Roots Video, and with some effort and time, each one of us can put together a packet or package of some kind to distribute if we feel led to share in that fashion. I feel led to share in that fashion because there are so many people in this city.

I will post more details on my progress on this and what is contained in it when I have created it. At that time, I will do what I can to help others learn how to make their own also if they want to but don't know how or need assistance in doing so.

There is no excuse for those of us who feel led to share the truth and live in big cities. It is time for us to take the time to get the word out there and leave no corner unturned where we have not stepped foot to share the Truth and the Blessings that YHWH has given to us.

We cannot be Lukewarm Anymore.


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