Dear Brothers and Sisters

This is a place to Post a Prisoner in need of Yahwehs Love and Mercy.
If you know of a Prisoner, Please Post His or Her Name and Address, and the need that they have. I believe that just the act of writing to a Prisoner and taking the time to share some thoughts of encouragement, would be such a blessings to them ,and to those who reach out! I will do my best to write each prisoner posted here and to share Eliyah's( Kingdom Building) message with them. And if anyone else feels led to do the same or has some others ideas how to reach out to the "Least of These " ,you are most welcome to share.

HalleluYah, and May Yahwehs Mercy and Longsuffering be upon us All.

So I will start by Posting a Prisoner I know that Loves Yahweh and is baptized in Yahshua's name.

Roy Warren # 1509431
815 12th Street
Huntsville, Tx. 77348
(Huntsville Unit)

This prisoner is in need of tracts and written material he can share with other prisoners.

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