Thanks Tom for all you and your family do. Praise Yahweh!

I have always been grateful, thankful to YHWH for your guidance to the discovery of the truth of the Scriptures.

A nominal Christian who is really searching for the truth cannot help but be arrested by a visit to your website as I was. It is quite a relief to unravel the confusion the scriptures present to a newbee.

Sheila and I have been engaged in spreading The Word in the Philippines [Negros island] for 5 years. We will continue, but now we will concentrate our efforts locally here in; Penticton, BC Canada, where there are so few poor in riches, yet many poor in the knowledge of the truth.

I really like your video format; can't wait to have a DVD of the songs with lyrics and the video images Kolayah has produced; the ones we hear at the beginning of your Sabbath meetings. I am sure the publishing of DVDs will become a valuable addition to Kingdom Building.

WillseeYah smile