I hope that we can all come together and discuss the ways in which we can build up and edify the body of Messiah, share what ministries you feel that Yahweh has called you to (and no, it doesn't have to be an "online ministry"), share your testimonies of what's working, ask others for counsel and advice on what ways to go about building up the body of Messiah. Let's talk together, work together and do our part in fulfilling our gifts and callings that Yahweh has given.

There are many needs in the body of Messiah and in the world today.

Here are some examples:

* Many are persuaded that evolution explains man's origins. How can we counter the religion of secularism/humanism?

* How can we reach those who are in desperate need like the homeless, those who are in prison, those who are sick and in need of healing?

* There is a real problem with newcomers feeling alone and needing someone to disciple them personally. It would be great if there was a group of brothers and sisters who have been in the faith for a while to come alongside a newcomer and help them with their questions, their concerns, and warn them about potential pitfalls. Personal discipleship is something I see a need for every day.

* There are a lot of people who see the commandment for us to wear tsit tsiyot (tassels) but don't know how to make them or are unable to do it. An army of volunteers making free tassels to those who need them would be a great asset to the body of Messiah. And I believe it would result in awesome spiritual treasures in the age to come because you are helping others keep the commands of Yahweh.

* One of the biggest assaults the enemy is working on to destroy lives is the assault on our families. We need elders who have good marriages and a heritage of sons and daughters who remained in the faith to counsel young and/or struggling families. Marriage counseling and parental counseling is a huge need! We desperately need the steady guidance of qualified elders today.

* On this site, I see the chat room as being a little building on a busy street corner that people enter to see what Yahweh's people are like and to seek answers to questions. More often than I would like, some enter there and see debates/strife or are ignored.

* Alms giving is often a neglected area of ministry in the body of Messiah today, yet it was very common in the first century assembly. There are many poor in the world today, why not lend a helping hand? I have an alms fund at http://www.eliyah.com/alms.html for believers. I think more needs to be done for people in 3rd world countries as well as believers who are in need.

* We need missionaries who are willing to live in another country and proclaim the way of Yahweh. Kenya is a country that frequently comes up as an area of the world that is hungry for Yahweh's truth. I even got a request yesterday for someone to teach the people in Belize. Any volunteers?

This is just a small sample of the things that are out there. I'll post more sometime later but I am hoping that others will think of some things as well. Please don't be shy, we are all in this together and I want this to be a place where we can love and support each other's efforts.

With the help of Yahweh, let's take dominion over the earth for Him, and build the Kingdom!


The favor of our Master Yahushua be with you all!


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